First Steps once you have registered?

Before the first class:

Go online to

 To pre-apply online for your instruction permit.  Answer the questions, then they will email a "confirmation number" to you.  Give us a call with that number and we will electronically submit the waiver to the DOL. 

You can then go to the DOL office of your choice and provide proof of identity. (Under 18 years must be accompanied by parent or legal guardian with identification, bring your original or certified copy of birth certificate and your social security number).  You will be given a vision check and have your picture taken (no caps or hair covering your eye brows) and there is a $25 permit fee due at this time. 

 You've successfully completed the what?

If you haven't taken the state knowledge exam yet you must first complete that (can be taken anytime you feel ready and the score is valid for 2 years).  Then having completed the course you are eligible to take your state required driving skill test. (This can be done in advance of your 16th birthday or before your 6 months with a permit are up).  Once you pass both, you are ready to go....provided you are 16 years old and have held your instruction permit for 6 months.  If not be patient, time goes fast.  

Got everything in order?

Licenses can now be issued online in most cases.  You print a confirmation and keep it with your permit and they mail your license to you with the same picture as your permit.

 Or follow tradition and go to the DOL office relaxed and ready to get your picture taken.


Young Adult Drive lesson package


Are you over 18 and want to learn to drive but don't have anyone available to practice with you?  We have a lesson package designed to help.  

Included are 4 drive lessons with an instructor.  The 5th drive is a 30 minute warm up drive followed by a drive test. 

Lessons include: turning, steering,  lane travel, parallel parking, backing, u-turns, roundabout, city driving and a freeway drive.  All followed by your state required drive test.

*Learners permit is required.

*Limited drive times available.

Please call for more information.



Welcome Parents!

The procedures for the first time license in the state of Washington have been changing over the past several years.  From the introduction of the "intermediate drivers license" for students under the age of 18 to the actual written and driving skills testing. Hopefully this information will help you navigate the process:

Do I have to go to driving school?
Anyone over 16 years but under the age of 18 wishing to obtain a driver license must complete a traffic safety education course at a state of Washington licensed driving school.  You will need an instruction permit which allows you to practice driving, and must be accompanied by a 5 year licensed driver. Click here for our current list of classes!

How do I get an instruction permit?
The state Department of Licensing (DOL) will issue an instruction permit at age 15-1/2 if you pass the written exam.

However, if you are enrolled in a traffic safety education class (driving school) you can receive the permit at age 15.  The driving school will electronically authorize a "permit waiver" in the Department of Licensing's computer system.  The "permit waiver" allows you obtain a permit to practice driving before you take the state required knowledge test.  The knowledge test will have to be taken and passed with at least 80 percent prior to taking the driving skills test. A "permit waiver" cannot be obtained from the DOL until 10 days before the first class date.

Anyone under the age of 18 wishing to obtain a Driver License must meet the following requirements required by the State of Washington Department of Licensing:  

1) You must have completed with an 80 percent or better a traffic safety education class at a state licensed driving school.

2) You must be at least 16 years old.

3) You must have held your State of Washington learner's permit for a minimum of 6 months.

4) You must pass the state knowledge test with 80 percent or higher.

5) You must pass the state driving skills test with 80 percent or higher

 **After the passing of house bill 1635 State Knowledge and Driving Skills tests are now given at many of the driving schools with State of Washington licensed, certified examiners.**