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$99 deposit saves your spot

Balance payable the first day of class.

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 To complete the Traffic Safety Education Course you must:

Attend 15 classroom sessions.  Classroom sessions are 3 days per week over a 5 week period.

Attend at least five 1 hour behind the wheel driving sessions, 4 hours of simulation and a one hour  observation of another student driver.  Receive a passing score of 80% or better on the final written exam.



Young Adult Drive lesson package


Are you over 18 and want to learn to drive but don't have anyone available to practice with you?  We have a lesson package designed to help.  

Included are 4 drive lessons with an instructor.  The 5th drive is a 30 minute warm up drive followed by a drive test. 

Lessons include: turning, steering,  lane travel, parallel parking, backing, u-turns, roundabout, city driving and a freeway drive.  All followed by your state required drive test.

*Learners permit is required.

*Limited drive times available.

Please call for more information.




      Our complete driver course is designed to get you ready to pass the state written and driving tests while also giving you driving skills to get you safely down the road.

 Classes Now Enrolling:  

                            2019 Schedule

                January 2 - January 31  3:30-5:50 pm                                 Tues-Wed-Thurs $349

                   Please note: 1st week classes are Wed-Thurs-Fri

               January 2  - January 31   6:00-8:20pm                                  Tues-Wed-Thurs Class is full

         Please note:  1st week classes are Wed-Thurs-Fri

            February 5 - March 7   3:30-5:50 pm                              Tues-Wed-Thurs $399

            February 5 - March 7   6:00-8:20 pm 

                                                  Tues-Wed-Thurs $399

            March 12 - April 11   3:30-5:50 pm                                  Tues-Wed-Thurs $399

            March 12 - April 11   6:00-8:20 pm 

                           Tues-Wed-Thurs $399

                  April 16 - May 16   3:30-5:50 pm                                     Tues-Wed-Thurs $399

              April 16 - May 16   6:00-8:20 pm 

                            Tues-Wed-Thurs $399

               May 21 - June 20  3:30-5:50 pm                                     Tues-Wed-Thurs $399

                   May 21 - June 20   6:00-8:20 pm 

                                      Tues-Wed-Thurs $399



 *Classes fill quickly-$99 deposit holds your place*      

Helpful Information:

* Individual drives start second week of classes and are assigned.

* Driving permit waivers are available 10 days prior to class start dates (we will provide   instructions for getting your permit from the Department of License).

* You must be 15 years of age by first day of class.

* You can miss up to 3 classes, but they must be made up during a designated make-up class session.

 A $99 deposit will reserve a place for you in class.

*The balance isn't due until the first day of class.

Please call 253-845-3333
to register by

** Your deposit is refundable, but only if you cancel with us more than 72 hours prior to the first class start time.  Or  with 72 hours notice we can always apply it to a different  available class in case you need to change classes. **